Vorsatz Complete Hairloss Treatment System A3

  • Triple Action Lotion 10 ml x 5 (1.03 fl. oz.)
  • Triple Action Activator 20 ml x 3 (0.68 fl. oz.)

With ginseng extract to:

  • Nourish the quality of follicles
  • Refresh and protect scalp to reduce excess oil
  • Help to improve the quality of follicles
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Triple Action Activator:

After washing hair with Intensive Care Shampoo, apply the necessary amount of Triple Action Activator on damp scalp, then gently massage. Leave on for a few minutes before rinsing. Towel dry hair and scalp. Apply TRIPLE LOTION ACTIVATOR on dry scalp.

Triple Action Lotion:

Apply Triple Action Lotion on dry and clean scalp. Gently massage scalp. Leave on for a few minutes until dry. Do not rinse hair. Style as usual.


  • Use a new cannula. Break its cap and open it. Cannula is ready to use.
  • Apply Triple Action Lotion on scalp. Gently squeeze cannula, the lotion will flow automatically. If there’s only a bit of lotion remaining inside, press cannula to squeeze it out.

Close cannula by pressing its cap until it is ‘clicked’.


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