In the 1980s a Taiwanese chemist, fondly called ‘DHT’, developed a straightening product in the confines of his home that created a sensation in the market. He then called this product Makarizo Rebonding System and so the Makarizo brand was born. MAKARIZO originally Greek means to be considered blessed. As the business made its way to bigger market, DHT found his way to Indonesia and set up MAKARIZO factory and sales office in the capital city.

As business soon started becoming too big for his garage, he decided to set up a factory in Pulo Gadung, East Jakarta as well as a small sales and marketing office in the Cempaka Putih area, not too far from his factory. Soon enough as other hair products got developed such as the perming range of Smart Wave and EXO. Later on, other hair care and hair treatments products were developed under the Makarizo Advisor brand.

As more products were now being widely distributed in salons nationwide, the next big step was making themselves available outside of salons and directly available in cosmetic stores, supermarkets and drugstores, thus the consumer division was born in 2005.

The success of the brand and the products in the Indonesian domestic market fueled the company’s drive to be known globally and so started to distribute products to South Korea with much success. This later was followed with expansion to Malaysia, Singapore, East Timor, Mongolia, Australia, the United States, the Middle East, and Germany. Today, Makarizo’s business is internationally recognized and registered under the name of Marlene Kosmetik, GmbH in Berlin Germany.

In October 2010, PT Akasha Wira International Tbk purchased the Makarizo brand from PT Damai Sejahtera Mulia — the local company established by DHT who owned the Makarizo brand from its early days. With the new company, the brand has regained its original strength and has decided to formally open its first international sales and marketing office in Selangor, Malaysia in 2013. Today Makarizo is the #1 player in Indonesia with the vision of being a key international player.