It’s almost summer time! Can you feel the ocean breeze with its typical scent already? However, playing at the beach may risk your hair from being damaged. You cannot leave your home before taking some precautions. Get ready with these simple tips!

  • Home treatment

While waiting for the D-day to come, you can prepare your hair by doing some treatments at home. Hair mask is a good choice since it will give your hair the nutrients needed. You do not want to go to the beach with unhealthy hair.

  • Conditioner + anti-frizz

The cool breeze of the sea may be delightful, but it should not turn you into a girl with messy frizzy hair. After shampooing, apply a good conditioner to keep your hair smooth and sleek. Do not forget to spray some anti-frizz for added maintenance.

  • UV protection

It is not only your skin that needs protection but also your hair. After applying your sun screen, apply a hair product that contains UV protection.

  • Bring a hat!

This is pretty essential because a hat will help covering your hair as well as your face from the evil side of the beautiful sun shine. In addition, it can also be used as a fashion accessory. Pick a cute hat that suits you the best!

  • Hair perfume

Being exposed to the sun can make your hair smells unpleasant. Bring a small-sized hair perfume in your bag to drive away bad odor.

  • Bring hair band

Having your hair running all over the place from the wind blowing could be disturbing. Bring a hair band to keep your hair neat. You might even want to wear some cute hairstyle with it.

Finished with all the preparation? Now you are ready to embrace your summer days. Confidently confront the bad effect of sun rays and enjoy your moment at the beautiful beach with the beautiful you.

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