No time for salon visit? Here is the answer

Many people neglect receiving creambath treatment in the name of jam-packed schedule. They claim to have no time to go to the salon. This excuse is unfortunately no longer valid since the current technology has allowed us to do creambath at home. Conveniently, hair creambath is now available in the market, so you can just apply it yourself. For those who are still not familiar with it, here are some tips on doing creambath at home.

  1. Determine your hair type
    Whether you receive your creambath treatment at salon or at home, knowing your hair type is always   fundamental since what kind of product your hair will receive depends on it. If you are not sure, you can ask the experts or your hairstylist at salon.
  2. Pick the right cream
    With the variety of creams for creambath in the market, you might be confused with the types that suit your hair best. Make sure you pay attention to every product as well as its ingredients. If you happen to have dry hair with broken shaft, pick one that contains royal jelly as it nourishes and moisturizes your hair while also providing anti-oxidant formula. Makarizo Hair Energy offers 3 variants anti-aging creambath for 3 different types of hair
  3. Clip your nails
    Before you begin your treatment, make sure you have clipped your nails neatly. You do not want your scalp got scratched while doing the treatment.
  4. Shampooing
    Basically, you need to do this step because in order for the cream to be absorbed, the scalp needs to be clean from sweat and dirt. Use a shampoo that suits your hair the best.
  5. Apply the cream
    After you cleanse your hair and scalp, apply the cream you have picked evenly and thoroughly. While enjoying the nice scent of your favorite cream, gently massage your scalp to help absorption and to improve blood circulation. For precaution, read carefully the instruction on the product’s packaging.
  6. Rinse the hair
    Rinse your hair thoroughly with water to clean your hair from the cream. A nice cream would still leave its effect and scent even after you rinse it.

As easy as it sounds, there is no more reason not to pamper your hair. Give yourself a me-time once in a while, and enjoy your moment with relaxed mind, body, and hair.

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