Hair is unquestionably a priceless asset for current urban women and men who want to stand out as it helps boost confidence. However, unsuitable hair products, mental stress, fungus brought about by unthorough scalp care, or even infrequent hair washing will potentially cause flaking of the scalp and bacterial accumulation that results in itchiness and irritation. The result of constant scalp scratching makes brittle hair or poorly anchored hair fall out easily.  These dandruff and hair loss issues are highly problematic as they can lower self-esteem and risk one’s lifestyle.

Introucing new powerful product Makarizo Advisor Anti Hair Fall Defense & Scalp Tonic, an effective hair tonic with 2-in-1 solution for fighting hair fall and dandruff. It is today the top 2 hair issues plaguing not just Indonesians but it is true as well for a vast majority of Asian consumers. It works in three ways: 1) helps purify the scalp and prevents dandruff with its active ingredient octopirox, 2) strengthens hair right from its roots with both ginseng root and aloe vera leaf extracts, and 3) penetrates deep into the scalp to improve the thickness and density of hair.

Makarizo Advisor Hair Tonic is available in the market with a sophisticated single-sized 150 ml bottle. The long spray nozzle allows for treatment in very targeted areas. Simply pull out the cap horizontally and spray Makarizo Advisor Hair Tonic onto hair roots and gently massage in circular motion for 1-2 minutes. No need to rinse out. Grab it at a store nearest you and say goodbye to the double (hair) trouble!

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