Nothing is more irritating than washing hair in the morning and have that fresh, clean smell and feel be completely gone by mid day.  Sweat on the scalp from daily mobility in using public transportation or motorcycles as well as environmental factors such as smoke, pollution, exposure to food smells, and humidity often leave lingering bad odor on the hair, making it smell unpleasant. One ends up washing hair everyday just to get the odor off. It puts a risk on stripping off the scalp and hair’s beneficial natural oil in the process, which ends up drying the hair and scalp. Others might apply perfume, however it will only mask the odor and all the aroma will be mixed up with the odor, resulting in unflattering smell on the hair—a sure confidence breaker!

Introducing Makarizo Hair Energy SCENTSATIONS which addresses the need for more than just another ordinary fragrance. The first in the market, Makarizo Hair Energy Scentsations incorporates its latest technology ScenTech-F into the hair fragrance which provides neutralization function. When Makarizo Hair Energy Scentsations is sprayed onto hair, ScenTech-F works its magic: instead of masking the odor, ScenTech-F neutralizes any unwanted odors first before the perfume penetrates into hair strands, leaving the hair feeling fresh all day up to 8 hours.  It also contains vitamins and UV protection ingredients that would be beneficial for hair’s health.

Four delightful scents of Makarizo Hair Energy Scentsations are available to choose from—Ocean Breeze, Morning Dew, Cherry Blossom, and Fresh Bouquet. The high-spirited Ocean Breeze and the calm Morning Dew variants provide unisex scents appeal for all ages. Japanese-inspired Cherry Blossom leaves a light, floral aroma for young girls while the sweet, sexy Fresh Bouquet speaks to more mature women. Makarizo Hair Energy Scentsations can be used by children from ages 3 and above. It can also be sprayed on the body and on clothes without fear of staining it.

All Makarizo Hair Energy Scentsations variants come in big 100 ml bottle and handy 30 ml bottle that will easily fit into purse. Spray directly 15 cm away from hair or spray onto palms first and style hair after exposure to sources of odors or after being outdoors. Smell gorgeous and feel confident anytime, anywhere. Grab one at a store nearest you!

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