Can you imagine receiving prize for getting your hair treated with creambath? Only Makarizo Hair Energy Creambath can that! Your hair will be pleasingly treated to stay healthy and smooth while you could get a chance to win a super fun holiday with your besties. This program has successfully picked 3 winners from a photo competition held through Hair Energy’s Instagram cooperating with Gadis magazine’s website.

On Saturday, May 23rd 2015, the lucky girls from the competition, Anggun, Valencia, and Anita, deserved to enjoy the fun rides in Dunia Fantasi with their own clique. Prior to the winning, they had passed the qualification which was sending an exciting picture while doing creambath with Makarizo Hair Energy to  Hair Energy’s Instagram and Gadis’ website.

Take a look at the complete story of the winners’ fun moment at Hair Energy’s Facebook fanpageTwitter, and Instagram.

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