Receiving creambath treatment at salon is enjoyable, but wouldn’t it be more delightful to get it done with your clique or family? Based on that idea, Makarizo Hair Energy cooperated with Gadis magazine to conduct a quiz carrying out “Creambath with BFF Photo Competition” as a theme. The winners would be able to choose where to have a free vacation according to their living area.

The competition which was held on the website of Gadis magazine as well as the Instagram account of Hair Energy, succeeded in picking 5 winners which consisted of 5 groups. Two of the groups chose to have a vacation in Tidung island, while the other three preferred Dunia Fantasi.

On Saturday, 25 April 2015, the prior went to Tidung island to have their exciting vacation with Makarizo Hair Energy Creambath. Cheerfulness was all they could find in the middle of the fun which included bicycling around the island, snorkeling, amusing games, water sport, hair education, and special tips on massaging by Hair Energy. Nandya, one of the winner, and her clique were fully satisfied with the holiday provided by our team. Follow the full story on the fan page and Twitter of Makarizo Energy.

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