HARABUKI incorporates the popular Harajuku style from Japan with the age-old elegance of the Kabuki, an ancient form of Japanese theater. Both styles are uniquely beautiful but in a totally contrasting way. While Harajuku offers a cheerful street fashion which is a “bastardized” re-interpretation of the traditional Japanese fashion, Kabuki offers artistic yet unconventional vibe.

As the center of fashion-forward Japanese youth, Harajuku has a certain reputation. Starting in the 1960’s, this subculture’s unique fashion attracted the arrival of Western high-end fashion brands in the area, endorsing it to be one of the world’s fashion centers. Kabuki, on the other hand, involves a unique mix of acting, singing, and dancing. The unusual elements of Kabuki are often considered bizarre, and yet they have turned this art to be the symbol of classic Japanese culture.

Combining the timeless beauty of straight black hair just as Kabuki and a shock of color and asymmetrical cut echoing the eccentricity of Harajuku style, HARABUKI is born.

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