Streamlined and compact, cycling is the epitome of efficiency in movement. An athletes’ ability to fight nature’s resistance in achieving maximum high speed relies not only on their own form but the tools which they wield. The powerful collaboration of man-made creation and an athlete’s skill in navigating movement makes cycling a sport which is fascinating to be observed from all aspects.

Finding inspiration through the aerodynamic lines of the cycle helmet, CYCLING is translated in a Prêt-à-Porter look which can be dynamically styled using Salon Daily Texturizing Mousse and the newest in our styling range, the Salon Daily Rock Solid Hair Spray to look edgy or understatedly elegant. Utilizing a blunt cut to create a shape that mimics the cycling helmet, this look combines two Makarizo techniques, with the Colored Rebonding and the Pixelush technique. Rebonding System is used to achieve chic straight hair, while the Pixelush technique is applied with a deep purple shade from Concept Ultimax to create color reflections which teases and invites a second look.

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