Standing between two contrasting forces, discus throw demonstrates the way sports can look both dynamic and rigid at the same time. The form and agility needed in the sport show off the strict control that athletes command. Powerful structure in fluid, graceful movements which hold audiences captivated as a moment stretches on, culminating in the flight of the discus.

Capturing movement through the use of color and structure, the DISCUS THROW look is stopped motion. Styled using Salon Daily Texturizing Mousse and Salon Daily Strong Hold Hair Spray, this look immortalizes action and grace in a unique, bold look. Employing the use of partings to create a layered asymmetric cut, this highly technical cut manages to look effortlessly chic, and is paired with the Pixelush coloring technique which is applied using two of Makarizo’s newest ash shades from  Concept Ultimax to create a play of light and dark on the hair, allowing it to mimic dynamic movement even when it remains still.

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