Graceful glides across ice made sharp with movement and strong lines, ice skating can be an intense sport. Moving with deliberate and calculated tilts, athletes carefully score lines on the ice creating tracks that make beautiful patterns.

Taking on the strict lines and bold shapes from the sport, the ICE SKATING look translates the dynamic movement of the skates. The sharp blades from an ice skating shoe is translated through a dramatic sweeping fringe, while the soft, rounded ear length bob which is created using a point cut technique becomes a reminder of the elegance found in ice skating. The use of a bold coppery red color from Concept Ultimax 7.4 is applied with the Pixelush technique along the fringe to mimic the sharp glint of the ice skating blade while the use of Salon Daily Styling Gel, Salon Daily Texturizing Mousse and Salon Daily Strong Hold Hair Spray is used to give it its distinct shape.

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