PINKA, which stands for Punk Inca, is an innovation by Makarizo which incorporates the style of Punk era with the beauty of women in Inca civilization. PINKA wraps a painted-face-like makeup resembling that of Inca ceremonial look and messy rebellious Punk teased hair into a beautiful package.

Heavily affiliated with myth, Inca people referred themselves as “Children of the Sun”. In terms of hairstyle, the women would wear their long hair parted in the middle with beads. When their husband died, they would cut their hair and remarried when it grew long.  Talking about the history of hairstyle, Punk can never be forgotten. Punk was originally meant as a sub-culture opposing society values.  Flourished in the 1970s, this hairstyle also has its own history as it evolved over the years, yet still characterized by teased and pointed front hair.

PINKA is the definition of sassy mystical elegance. Embracing an up-do of teased hair with sleek hanging tips and beads in the middle, PINKA offers a bold yet feminine Pret-a-Porter look.

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