Conquering the elements has ceased to be just a survival point in man’s history. Turning necessity into sport, sailing is survival transformed into a competitive platform. Commanding movement and powerful control, sailing athletes find their balance on a constantly moving surface, with a perfect understanding of knowing when to keep still and when to leap into action.

Classic and contemporary meet together to create the dynamic look of SAILING which translates the spirit of balance from sailing into a Prêt-à-Porter look for men. Accented with a flash of Concept Ultimax newest ash color along the end of the fringe to mimic the dynamic waves applied using the Pixelush technique, this modern men’s cut is held in place by Salon Daily Styling Gel and Salon Daily Extra Strong Hold Hair Spray. A combination of skilled scissor usage and razors is used for a close-shaved wearable yet edgy look for men.

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